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Buddy Langdon

Induction Year: 2003 Sport: Softball

There are legends in sports and there are LEGENDS. Buddy Langdon merits all-capitals treatment when listing those who stand tallest in Greater Cleveland’s well-respected men’s softball lore. Born John Langdon in Cleveland’s Collinwood area, he moved to bat-and-ball conscious Euclid at the age of six By the time he graduated from Euclid High, he had developed the interest in slo-pitch softball which was to become integral part of his life. From 1953 to 1975 he starred in the sport, being named the Greater Cleveland All-City leftfielder four time’s on the All-Time All-City teams of both the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Cleveland Press. Starring for memorable teams fielded by Sheffield Bronz. Swing Inn, Pyramid Café and Lach’s Bar, he played in seven World Tournaments between 1960 and 1969 in the men’s open division. Went on to coach in six others and was a member of Pyramid café’s 1975 World Championship team. He also managed and coached Cleveland’s first professional softball team –the Cleveland Jaybirds—to a division title in 1977. Off the field, his continuing devotion to the promotion of the game led to his founding in 1985 of the Greater Cleveland Slo-Pitch Softball Hall of Fame and Museum, which he still serves as its coordinator. He, himself, was voted into the hall in 1988. he continues to make his home in Euclid.